Yosemite Reflections

Yosemite is a place one can go anytime of the year and find some amazing sights. This trip was in late November and we saw some spectacular reflections and tranquil frost covered meadows.

One morning before the sun entered the Yosemite Valley we went for a walk. We set out from the Yosemite Lodge where we were staying. The path went by the Merced River and the lighting was such that the surroundings reflected in the water. These are two views of the rounded North Dome along with the surrounding mountains.

Looking another direction Yosemite Point mountain is seen. Normally to the left of the peak would be Yosemite Falls but because of the drought the falls was only a trickle. The darker rocks is where it would normally be.

The sun is just hitting the top of Cathedral Rock and will eventually get to the frost covered meadow.

More of the meadow can be seen in this view of Yosemite Point.

A closer view of the frosty meadow.

Later in the morning El Capitan is fully illuminated by the sun.

Another view of El Capitan and the connecting hills.

These pictures and a couple of others can be seen in the Yosemite Reflections picture gallery.


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