Costumes at WonderCon 2015

WonderCon is a convention of the popular arts and entertainment. Many who attend dress up in costumes of characters from movies, television shows, anime, books, and comics. A few even create original costumes. Most are interesting and some can be colorful.

Sometimes there will be groups with costumes from different things.

Even interviewers might be wearing a costume.

A lady in red with an over the shoulder pose.

A warrior princess with an intense ready for action pose.

I am not sure what this is from but she had an interesting pose.

Some gothic characters.

A fairy godmother casting a spell in the twilight.

This is quite a mix of costumes with a few non-costumed people joining the photo opportunity.

Inside the convention hall were some mechanized R2D2s.

This is a view from the Anaheim Convention Center where WonderCon 2015 took place. One thing I like about this location is the gathering place outside where the costumed people enjoyed posing for pictures. This is where all the outdoors pictures were taken.

More information:

WonderCon website





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