Apple Picking in Upstate New York

On a visit to upstate New York in October we decided to go apple picking. We set out in the morning through rural New York and arrived at “The Apple Farm” in Victor, New York. It was the right place for sure. Apples ripen in late summer and autumn and this orchard was at its peak. The trees were loaded with apples. Within a short period of time we’d picked 30 pounds of apples.

We pulled into the orchard on a warm, crisp autumn day. The farm currently has for picking the varieties of: Empire, Macoun, McIntosh, Spartan, Cortland and Red Delicious apples. “The Apple Farm” is a small family business and was started in 1970 by Three families. The orchard encompasses 80 acres and 30,000 trees.

There were fields of apple trees.

Several loaded golden delicious apple trees was close to the store.

We walked further and found Empire apple trees and Ida Reds.

Ida Reds are a beautiful red color. They hold their shape when cooked and have a sweetly tart flavor. They are firm with a pale flesh which sometimes is tinted a rosy pink. Developed in Idaho, it’s a cross between two old-time New York apples, Jonathan and Wagener, that were first grown in Penn Yan in 1791.

Empire apples are also sweet tart and are good for both eating and baking. Empire apples were developed by Cornell University in the 1940”s and are a combination of Red Delicious and McIntosh apples. Empire apples were named for the state of New York, the “Empire State.”


I guess I didn’t realize that apples grew in bunches on the trees.

Plenty to pick.

And some to sample.

Here are some of the apples we picked.

As we left we noticed a pumpkin patch and a very large hawk soaring overhead. Wonder what he was looking for?

New York apples. Lots to eat and cook with!

The Apple Farm pressed their own cider. No sweeteners or preservatives. Just fresh apples. We sipped slowly and I also made delicious Apple Cider Custard Ice Cream

Here we’re leaving the apple farm after an hour of picking. An adventure.

Here’s a field with pumpkins. A beautiful day.

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