Fantastic Costumes at WonderCon 2017

This year at the WonderCon Sci-fi/fantasy convention there were so many fantastic costumes. People will dress up as characters from movies, comics and various other sources. Also this year there was lots of variety of costumes and I ended up taking lots of pictures. If anyone needs inspiration for Halloween costumes these might provide some ideas.

This is early in the day and people are just starting to gather at one of the main entrances to the Anaheim Convention Center where WonderCon 2017 took place. This area is where most of the pictures were taken.

First winged Knight I have seen. Some put lots of time and effort into making their costumes.

These two pictures are a flashback to some old sci-fi TV shows. In the first picture (left on computers, top on phones) leave it to the red-shirts (or red dress?) to protect the 1960s Star Trek crew. In the second picture (right on computers, below on phones) two crew members of the 1970s Battlestar Galactica TV show.

This steam punk couple is giving the look of don’t mess with our pet.

Looks like the Joker is up to no good. In the second picture a Knight (or Gladiator?) is ready to come someone’s aid.

Maybe the Knight will help this dancing princess.

Two pictures of posing in front of the fountain. The second picture is from the movie Logan. Their costumes are minimal but anyone who has seen the movie will recognize them.

A group that looks ready to take on anyone or anything.

Two pictures that I am not sure what they are from.

A cluster of spider people.

The first picture has mother and daughter creatures. A male and female elf are in the second.

The girl on the right looks friendly but I am not sure about the one with the bat.

A mustache man in the first picture and a warrior princess in the second.

This creature held this pose for the longest time. It did have a cell phone to keep it occupied.

Catwoman in the first picture and a horned creature in the second picture.

I wonder how many hours went into the making of these two costumes.

Game of Thrones fans will recognize the group in the first picture. Kids posing for pictures in the second picture.

An assortment of costumes.

Doctor Who fans will know not to blink in presence of a weeping angel.

A view from above of the fountain area where the pictures were taken. Beyond this is a line of food trucks where lots of people are getting things to eat.

Thus ends this WonderCon post. There are a few pictures that there were not room for in the post but can be seen in the WonderCon 2017 Costume picture gallery. For even more WonderCon costumes see the Costumes at WonderCon 2015 post.

More information:

WonderCon website

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