New Orleans in March 2017

We love to visit and sight see in New Orleans. The occasion of our visit this March was a wedding in City Park under majestic oak trees along Bayou St. John. And some of the guests visited the sights in New Orleans before and after the wedding.

My son picked a quiet bayou and clearing under a live oak tree for his wedding,

Guests walked down a wooden pathway and then a gravel walkway to get the the wedding site.

The wedding was lovely; under a live oak tree.

The weather was great, the setting made for a good ambiance; the food and merriment at the wedding reception made for a successful wedding. 

Meanwhile guests took in the sights of New Orleans before and after the wedding. Here are some of the sights around the French Quarter.

Jackson Square is the center point of New Orleans in the French Quarter by the Mississippi River.

The majestic St. Louis Cathedral reigns over Jackson Square. It is the oldest Catholic Cathedral in continual use in the United States.

And inside is beautiful, too.

Street musicians and artists entertain the crowds of tourists.

A scenic spot.

This was the weekend after Mardi Gras and flags and signs of merriment are still present.

More sighs in New Orleans.

It was a wonderful weekend; a celebration of a wedding. The setting of New Orleans makes a great visit.

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