Chautauqua: Beautiful western New York Scenery

We recently visited a new area of the country, Chautauqua, New York. It is located in the most western and southern part of New York, close to Erie, Pennsylvania. We discovered what a beautiful part of the country it is.  We visited the Chautauqua Institute situated on Lake Chautauqua which is one of the finger lakes of New York.

Chautauqua is a vacation destination spot for many New Yorkers.  The Chautauqua Institute is a life-long learning center; full of activities such as inspiring lectures, musical operas and orchestras. It is located in a quaint community of Victorian cottages and narrow streets on the edge of a large lake. Nearby is wooded countryside with rolling hills.

Our daughter, Caroline attended the summer orchestra program. She took some time on her day off to hike in the area and explored this beautiful waterfall.  For someone from Louisiana, who could have guessed that New York is full of rustic land.

Here’s another photo.

We explored Lake Chautauqua.

The Canadian geese were enjoying the sunny and balmy weather, too.

Can’t drive much further. Good advice!

Back in Rochester, New York, we stopped to take a photo of the colorful poppies.

And couldn’t resist taking a photo of this cat. He has the best idea!

We enjoyed our visit to upstate New York and getting to know another part of the country.

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