Rainbow and Sunset

A couple of weeks ago as the sun set, my husband came running inside after taking the trash out. He yelled, there’s a beautiful, full rainbow! I grabbed my camera and ran out the front door. My neighbor did the same thing. We both love taking photos. A downpour of rain in our Louisiana community had just ended; the sun was coming out making for the rainbow.  Here are a few our our photo attempts. Dale’s captured the essence of the rainbow in this photo.

The rain had just stopped and the sun came out. Those conditions at dusk made the full rainbow.

And in the other direction we saw the setting sun and a beautiful sunset. Here is Dale’s photo.

This is one of my rainbow photos. Taking a photo of a rainbow is harder than it appears. My photos were “washed out” and needed some touch-up adjustments. There must be some other camera settings that would do better. I need lessons. Digital cameras make it so easy to take photos; immediate gratification. But it is wise to learn about the camera settings. Another project.

And my second rainbow photo.

And my attempt at capturing the sunset.

And thanks to Dale for sharing his photos. Two photographers–same scene–interesting the different perspectives on the same subject.

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