Shenandoah Valley Flowering Trees

We made a visit to Bridgewater in the Virginia Shenandoah Valley in late March 2016. This is about the time the cherry trees were in full bloom in Washington D.C. The trees around Bridgewater were flowering, too, they were gorgeous. I couldn’t help taking several photos. Here we go on a drive around Bridgewater!

These trees were lined up in the middle of a pasture! Ready to march somewhere.

More of these trees lined the driveway.

The next stop was Wildwood Park in Bridgewater along North River.

The park bench makes a welcome place to take a break!

My 92 year old mother-in-law from Houston enjoyed the scenery, too.

The pine trees at Wildwood Park were relaxing. I have many memories of canoeing on North River – seen in the background.

Driving through town, we can upon these trees.

And a field of white blooming trees.

And last, from a hill above the town, you can see Round Hill in the distance and the Blue Ridge mountains or Allegheny Mountains.

I hope you enjoyed my drive around Bridgewater. We made a big circle around town. It brings back many memories. I have a few more photos — visit the photo gallery.

Our final stop is the Bridgewater Retirement Community.

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