June Garden Flowers

June flowers abound in my Louisiana backyard.  Zinnias are some of my favorite ones.

Zinnias grow well in Louisiana.

Red zinnias are showy.

Here’s a yellow zinnia.

Cleomes have an ethereal airy appearance.

Dill makes a lacy flower before it turns to seed.

The deep blue salvia is one of the true blue flowers I’ve seen.

The shrimp plant really has the appearance of a shrimp.

Blueberries – not a flower – but the bushes grace my garden. In June, we enjoy the blueberries along with the birds.

Snapdragons — one of my favorite flowers.

There are many different types of zinnias — State Fair, Cut and Come Again, Cactus. All are slightly different but each one is showy.

Why so many flowers? Because I love the color, texture and variety that flowers bring to my yard. The birds, bees, hummingbirds and butterflies love them, too!

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