Eastern Fall Colors

The Fall time of year brings Autumn leaf color and other changes which can result in some spectacular displays of color. I grew up in Virginia but now live on the West coast and the colors are one thing I miss not living in the East. While it is possible to find Fall colors here they just aren’t the same. My brother Curtis who lives in the East captured some of it this year so I can enjoy it through his pictures and hopefully so will you.


To start out are some New England pictures. Sometimes trees will turn colors at different times and here one tree is in full color backed by others which have not yet turned.

This is a very colorful vine growing up a tree. However look but don’t touch because it is poison ivy. Many people can get a rash from contact with the plant. The rash is caused by an oil found in poison ivy and can last for several weeks. It is best to avoid contact with poison ivy and to be safe if you are not sure remember the saying “Leaves of three, let it be!”.

A close up of some maple tree leaves.

At a park one morning there were trees and the moon reflected in the calm water.

Another morning at the park this time with a little fog and some ripples in the water.

Just a touch of color but there are all ready leaves floating in the reflections in the water.

An interesting seed pod opening up.


Continuing are pictures from the Shenandoah Valley. Here a large tree is in full color is backed by trees some of which have lost their leaves.

Another picture with trees in various stages of turning color.

These pictures were taken at Bridgewater College which is a small college located in the town of Bridgewater (which is my home town). My father was a chemistry professor for many years at the college.

A covered bridge which this picture gives a mystical feeling.

More Information

Wikipedia entry on fall color.

WikiHow entry on identifying poison ivy.

Wikipedia entry on the Shenandoah Valley.

Website of Bridgewater College.


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