Niagara Falls

In October 2014 we took a trip to Niagara Falls and visited from the Canadian side of the falls. Pretty impressive.

What is amazing is that you can get right next to the falls.

We walked along the path and went downstream from the falls.

Caught some birds gliding by the falls.

The real way to see the falls is from one of the boats that travels upstream to below the falls.

Perhaps another time.

The view down stream shows the American falls.

Lots of tourists and photo opportunities. Well, what else is there to do? Marvel at the force and beauty of the falls; take photos.

We came here in the 1980’s and the falls and the Welcome Center building looks the same. Well kept. Beautiful quaint building and flowers.

It is hard to imagine the force of the water going over the falls. Amazing.

We walked along the path for an hour. Took photos and then had a nice dinner at a Greek restaurant in town.

We had an enjoyable visit to Niagara Falls on a beautiful, crisp autumn afternoon.



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